Important Guidance for Admission / Additional COVID-19 Safety Measures

We base our concept for admission control at the wishes of our audience (see and the Revision Survey 2021/2022) and the minimum that our personal sense of responsibility as organizers allow, considering the current infection and vaccination rates in Switzerland. We ask you to accept and adhere to these rules - for our all benefit, fun and safety.

  • All guests must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (at least twice). Should you have not received your booster yet, we kindly ask you to do this before the party. Please bring your proof of vaccination (certificate, pass) and your ID with you and present it during entrance.
  • There will be no mask mandate at the event. During the compos and in peak times, we however appreciate you wearing a mask out of respect for other attendees. We will have a small number of spare FFP2-masks on site.
  • Please only attend if you are not showing any flu-like symptoms. We will have a few rapid self-tests on site, and will ask you in case of doubt to perform one. In case of last-minute cancellations due to symptoms or a positive test, the admission fee will be refunded.
  • Please inform us in case you get tested positive for COVID-19 after or in relation with the event. We will then inform all visitors.
  • Personal Data will not be recorded by us. We reserve the right to keep your e-mail address on file for two weeks after the event, to inform about potential positive testings associated with the event. After that period, the e-mail addresseswill be deleted.
  • Please self-test once before and after the event, or daily.
  • The maximum visitor count will be limited to 50 people (including children), also for the compo nights. 4-Day-Pass orders have priority, in case of overbooking we reserve the right to refund you for the ticket, if we can’t find a solution with you.